About Me...

A fairly random selection of facts. Feel free to ask for more...

1. I live in Staines (-upon-Thames, darlings) with my fiancé in a little house that's full of books and cat. Just the one cat, but he's quite filling. We also have a little garden.

2. I go through phases of reading a lot. And then not. Books are always very important though. I actually started this blog thinking I'd mostly talk about books... hasn't really turned out like that!

3. I have a fairly normal, fairly tedious job. It's not my life and that doesn't bother me as it's giving me the time and freedom to slowly, slowly retrain myself as an illustrator. I'm not sure if I'll get there but I'm enjoying the process.

4. I ride a bike. It's used to be a vintage (or just old) Peugeot with no gears but the normal amount of brakes, but now I have a new Cooper which is very similar but not old. It's my primary mode of transport, and I cycle to and from work most days. That can add up to a surprising 160 miles a week. It's good because it saves me money and means I don't have to spend time in the gym.

5. I have a Significant Other. His name's Nick. We got engaged in December 2011 and are planning on getting wed in April 2013.

6. I like food. A lot. I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but sometimes cook quite a lot of food that is. I get a vegetable box delivered every week so am always looking for interesting ways to get through vegetables! Food seems to be a fairly recurrent theme in my sketchbook...

7. People often think they've met me before. They usually haven't. I clearly have one of those faces. Oddly, people who do know me often take a minute to recognise me. This is probably because I go out in disguise a lot, though.

If you'd like to tell me something, ask me something, or just have a general chat, feel free to comment on any of my posts or email me.

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