Friday, 25 February 2011

Tulips and pandas

For a blog that I envisaged being mostly about books, the 'and other things' seem to be rather more prevalent than I'd anticipated! But never mind... 

Truth be told, I've still not entirely regained my reading mojo and am halfway through two books. It's not helped by the fact that I'm riding my bike to work as much as I can, and the tube, whilst horrible on many levels, does have the advantage of an extra eighty minute of reading time a day! Consequently, I'm not feeling very literary at the moment, but I am feeling quite healthy. Swings and roundabouts.

So, in lieu of anything more interesting, here's a picture of the little table in my hallway which is pleasing me every time I walk past it. Tulips are my all-time favourite flower. Although I find I get fond of different plants each season as they bloom, I always come back to tulips. I think because they have such a lovely, neat shape and come in so many delicious colours. Anyway, this bunch on my table were a (only slightly hinted at) present from my lovely boy, and are sitting in a jug that used to contain a scented candle. The pictures are Constable's view of the cathedral in Salisbury (my home town) and a me as a very frowny baby. There's a also a sad panda in a cup. He used to belong to my uncle, who's no longer with us, and has to sit in that cup because he's been far too loved and falls over otherwise. His name's Curtain.

Oh, and some shells from a recent holiday. And a thermometer, but I'm not sure why that's there.

I don't know why this little selection of things pleases me so much; it just feels very me and home-y.

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