Monday, 30 January 2012

CPSH: January

This month's topics were thought up by The Awesome Lady - go visit her to see who else has been playing in January.

Something I made

I did so much baking this weekend as we had a housewarming/birthday party - there were cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cheese biscuits, gin and tonic jelly shots - but it all got eaten before I managed to take a picture. I did make a lot of tea, though, so that's what the picture's of. And my new, lovely, vintage china that Mama gave me.


The only piece of furniture we've actually bought for this house is a beautiful 1930s drinks cabinet/sideboard. It's inspiring because it's so beautifully made, and has lovely carved details.


This is the Welsh Church in Fitzrovia - it's wedged between two much less pretty buildings and always seems such a surprise when I walk past it. And it's as close to outdoors as I've got this month!


Beautiful embroidery on a vintage dress I tried on. Sadly too big, but the fabric was lovely.

Motif: Animal

Not so much a motif as an actual animal...

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