Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The King is Dead, The Decemberists

I'm not really a fan of live music. I know this is a shocking thing to admit, and every time I tell anyone it guarantees that they either shun me or immediately try to drag me to a gig with the best band ever which they know will change my mind. 

But I'm just not really a fan of live music. Sure, my ears are entertained, but what about the rest of me? What do I look at? It's fairly interesting watching someone singing into a microphone or playing an instrument for about, oh, ten minutes, then it gets a bit... monotonous. And you can only stare at the ceiling, walls, the person next to you for so long. In my ideal world, it would entirely acceptable to read a book whilst at a gig. Or to be having supper at the same time.

Anyway, despite this I do occasionally go to see people singing and playing in front of me. And one of these exceptions are The Decemberists. To be fair, I would prefer a twenty minute music-intense version of their gigs rather than the three hour extravaganza (friend B always makes us watch the support, too) but there are enough of them on stage playing interesting instruments to give me things to look at, they have a bit of audience participation and I really like the music.

But secretly, most of all, I like the posters. Here's this year's, on my wall next to last year's.

It's a big blue monster with pink nail varnish on! I think...

Next year, though, I think I'll save money by getting someone else to buy me a poster and sitting in front of it with my headphones in. Whilst eating my supper.


  1. My OH doesn't like live music either. And yes, I've dragged him to a few gigs to try and change his mind!

  2. It won't work m4d, trust me. We just whine about being bored and the overpriced bar...