Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Not socks...

It's my grandad's 80th birthday this weekend. I'd wish him a happy birthday here, but I'm pretty sure he's never switched on a 'puter in his life so I'll save it for Sunday.

We're having the obligatory family party, to which I'll be taking a lovely lemony baked cheesecake and, I think, a chocolate beetroot cake. Coming up with a present is always a battle though. When asked, all he ever requests is brown socks. 

Brown. Socks. 

I've actually bought them for him several times, but I just can't bring myself to commemorate another occasion with brown socks. Especially not an 80th grandfather birthday!

So I decided to get out my pens and create him something instead. 

Now, like many retired gentlemen, my grandfather has taken up a hobby to while away the hours, and likes to spend his time in the garage building models of ye olde fayre ground-y things (all those extra 'e's and 'y's are entirely necessary, apparently). This started with a set of gallopers (a merry-go-round, the one with the horses), but I think he now also has a swing boat, a living van (like a caravan but, um, different?) and possibly a traction engine. The horses on the gallopers have tails made from the hair of different members of the family.

Is that odd? Possibly...

Anyway, here's my arty present for my grandaddy inspired by galloping horses that may or may not share my hair.

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