Wednesday, 31 October 2012

CPSH October

Emma asked me to pick this month's CPSH topics, and here are my photos...


The view from the bridge approaching Granary Square
and Central St Martins.

Something I made

Pizza dough. Or the moon...


Pumpkin spice latte. Which I thought I wouldn't like, but I did.

Motifs: Hallowe'en

Carved pumpkins from our Hallowe'en party!


Portable drawing things.

Please do visit the other participants this month to see their photos, and I'll pick my favourites over the next few days.

Rach at The Awesome Lady
Sally at Diario
S at Cinders and Rain
Emma at The Gift Shed (hopefully!)
Ruth at The Goldhawk Project
Margo at Tulsi Crafts

Anyone else who's joined in - let me know and I'll add you to the list,


  1. My post is up!

    I have a craving for Starbucks and pizza now - damn! What is the thing on the right hand side of your drawing supplies? I can't for the life of me tell what it is.

    1. Lovely, I shall go and have a look.

      And it's an aquabrush - a brush you can fill with water which makes watercolouring out and about much less messy!

  2. Hello,

    Can I join in too please?

    Love the inspiration shot - looks like it was taken in the height of summer.

    Thank you

    1. You're in Ruth, thanks for joining in.

      It does, but it was the beginning of October! One of those lovely clear Autumn days.

  3. We both picked pumpkin spiced Starbucks for cosy! Funny. It is a very cosy drink, though! I love all your pumpkins.

    1. It definitely is - Starbucks are doing well out of us (odd, because I usually don't like their 'coffee')

  4. Have also joined you, albeit a little late as I have a new blog.