Monday, 15 October 2012

Texture and Transport

I can't decide whether I like this or not... It was an exercise in using different textures and colours and then combining them in Photoshop, to create an image to illustrate a newspaper article. I keep thinking it looks too 'messy' but then, when I tidy it up, it loses some of the sinister quality that I do like about it. Conundrum

The article's about women feeling unsafe using public transport in London. However, if you read it carefully (although you can't in the image below - the text is jumbled up!) there's no actual increase in levels of crime or danger, just that people feel more at risk (quite a lot of men, as well...) Anyway, I wanted the illustration to reflect that - to feel threatening and scary, but without there being actual murderers and rapists lurking round every corner.

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