Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Healthy Cake, or Spring-y Perfection.

As mentioned, I baked up a cheesecake-storm for Grandad's birthday party. It ended up being a chocolate one, entirely because I had an open packet of dark chocolate digestives that I was in danger of eating in one go otherwise. It was yum, but there are no pictures as I ended up finishing it far too early in the morning and that's not a time in my day I like documented.

However! I also made some lovely elderflower and raspberry cupcakes which were possibly the springiest things in the world (the season, that is, they didn't bounce about the kitchen...) The recipe came from this book, which is one of my favourites as it's all about sneaking vegetables into cakes and leaving the fat out. It sounds odd, but I've not made anything from it yet that wasn't delicious.

(Little warning: The recipes are fantastic, and the pictures are lovely but it is very twee. Not for anyone who gets annoyed by cutesy.)

So, my beautiful cupcakes had courgette in. Everyone made the expected face (as I cried 'it's just like carrot cake!'), but tried them anyway and universally declared that you can't taste it or tell at all. 

Stealth Vegetable Win

I did also make this for supper on Saturday... home made pizza dough is a hundred times better for you than Domino's fried stuff, but I can't really pretend there was any other health involved! Um... there were some vegetables on it? Can you not see the mushrooms? 

Oh well, all things (including restraint) in moderation. And I had cycled about fifty miles that day!

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