Monday, 16 May 2011

My House is Trying to Kill Me or, Consolatory Breakfast.

I'm not sure if it was to encourage me to bake less or get out more, but every time I touched anything in my kitchen it was giving me a little electric shock. Fun for a while, then a bit annoying, then something of a concern in case it upped its game and started giving me massive electric shocks.

So a Friendly Electrician came and poked about and tutted and tsked and then... turned everything off. Now I only have one socket that is guaranteed not to kill me, and a vast web of extension leads. I have to make difficult choices like 'washing machine or vacuum cleaner' and 'fridge or hairdryer'. Thankfully the lights work and I have a gas hob. And the electrician's coming back to Be Very Expensive and sort it out on Friday.

Biggest disaster though... no oven! And Sunday is Croissant Day. Imagine a Sunday without a croissanty breakfast. Doesn't bear thinking about. And the boyfriend will never get through all the marmalade.

So, in the absence of croissants or other baked or pastry-like items, I had to create something extra-delicious. Thankfully, Abel and Cole had sent me some asparagus in my veg box and there was some fancy bacon lurking in the fridge. Lo and behold: breakfast!

An English muffin, split and buttered, topped with (dry-fried 'til it's crispy) bacon, asparagus (boiled for just about five minutes, so it's soft but still got a little bit of bite) and soft poached eggs. 

Oh, and a new egg-poaching method, also from Abel and Cole. Use a deep frying pan full of simmering water, break the egg into a tea-cup, sit the tea-cup in the water and then tilt it to carefully pour the egg out. No more broken poached eggs!

Usually I'd throw some Hollandaise sauce on for an Eggs Benedict-esque affair, but I didn't have any and couldn't be bothered with making some. Instead, I just made sure my eggs were runny and popped a little knob of butter onto the asparagus so it would mix with the yolk once it started oozing out.

Didn't miss the croissants at all.

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