Friday, 6 May 2011

Thoughts on Visiting Exhibitions.

1. Don't go on Members' Evenings when there will be wine.
2. Don't wear new shoes that hurt your feet so much you have to put them in your handbag and scamper about bare-foot all night.*
3. Don't go with a friend who has Interesting Gossip which will distract you from the Old Things.

I went to see Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World at the British Museum the other night. However, I did not keep any of these things in mind and so can only tell you that there was a big, tinkly-jangly collapsible gold hat. 

And that the floor's cold.

*This is actually okay as there was jazz and I think it's a life-rule that anywhere there's live jazz there will also be a girl wandering around without shoes on.

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