Monday, 25 July 2011

Cupcakes and Craft... in Tooting

I've mentioned before that Tooting is not exactly overwhelmed with exciting things to do and see. However, this weekend was a bit of an exception as the Tooting Tram and Social was hosting a SW Craft Club Summer Pop-Up Event on Sunday and I interrupted my hectic schedule of cutting the grass to go along.

Its delights included workshops in making fabric brooches, mosaics, cupcake icing, and advice on knitting and crochet, interior design and up-cycling old clothes. There was also a swish (a sort of organised clothes swap), courtesy of Swish and Pout, which I'd never done before and was pretty excited about.

Entry was free, with small contributions requested for some of the activities. And the bar was open, which Nick was very pleased about. (He decided he wanted to come, I feel the need to point out, there was no coercion! But he did spend most of the event behind the Sunday papers with a pint...)

I had a go at making a fabric brooch with Tooting-based A Crafty Pint, and was very pleased with the results. It was so easy!

My brooch, and some of the free sweeties!

I also managed to tempt Nick out from behind his paper to come and ice a cupcake with me. There were beautiful, professionally iced, versions on sale, for inspiration:

But Brixton-based Ms Cupcake was so enthusiastic in her tutorials that we had to have a try ourselves:

Ms Cupcake and her amazing hat!

Unfortunately, our attempts left a certain something to be desired... I shall leave you to guess which was mine and which was Nick's...

They still tasted amazing though. And entirely vegan, which I would challenge anyone to have guessed.

The swish was also great fun, and I came away very happy with my little haul.

The Tram is probably one of my favourite Tooting venues (it's where I had my last birthday party) and they're doing crafty workshops throughout the year.

There's also another SW Craft Club event on the 7th of August in Clapham, so I think I'll be sorting out some more wardrobe mistakes to take along and swish.


  1. Love your blog post, it's great to see things from others' perspectives. See you in Clapham. XX

  2. Lovely to meet you, and fab photos. Thanks for the mentions and glad you enjoyed it, gillian Crafty Pint xx

  3. Thanks ladies - looking forward to the next one! Jen x