Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tooting Popular Front*

When I started dating my boyfriend, I promised to take him to Tooting Lido. This is not quite as odd as it seems as it's probably the only notable place in Tooting, and I was clearly trying to impress. Time Out claims it's the best lido in London and, whilst I can't claim to have visited any of the others, I'm sure they're right.

He must have been more impressed by something else though, because we only got around to going last weekend.

I don't really swim often (afraid of eels... long story), and it's not open to the public 'til May anyway, but it's surprisingly huge and really very pretty.

A little bit of charm, even in deepest, darkest Tooting.

And sunny enough for shorts in April!

*The Tooting Popular Front is from Citizen Smith, possibly the only other famous thing about Tooting. And the name of a bar, inappropriately in Putney.

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  1. wow you came so close to having a blog UNLIKE others... but you couldn't resist the obligatory photo of yourself complete with a comment about your wardrobe. Sad. Good luck.