Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bits of the Barbican

Yesterday's art class involved a field trip to the Barbican. Rather than sitting and drawing the whole thing (or as much of it as we could see) we had to do lots of quick drawings, focusing on interesting details and how people were using the building.

I'm quite surprised to discover that I seem to prefer drawing with a pen over a pencil at the moment. I was quite terrified of it to start with - you can't rub anything out - but I seem to end up with sketches I like a lot more.


  1. I find I'm braver with a pen and tend to go for bolder strokes, rather than ditheringly lightly like I do with a pencil. It's quite liberating isn't it?

    1. It really is - my pencil sketches from the Barbican looked entirely pathetic compared to the ones in pen.