Friday, 4 May 2012

Week Word: Sloth

This week's Week Word is 'sloth', chosen by Peggy

First, I have to point you in the direction of this baby sloth video on You Tube. Fantastically cute, and amuses me even more as Nick had never heard of a onesie before seeing it and it's now one his favourite words...

Otherwise, I'm afraid my creativity has abandoned me a bit this week so my contribution isn't really clever or insightful. Just slothy.

I'm a bit in love with that little chap though. Look at his lazy face!


  1. Let's not forget gluttony, a personal favorite. We both have sloths swinging from letters! I love the face on yours. That video is too cute.

    1. Ah yes... I appear to have taken it upon myself to downgrade gluttony to non-deadly sin status... Clearly swinging from letters is what sloths like to do!

  2. That video is too cute! Lovely sketch too :)