Saturday, 12 May 2012

Oh, look! #7

Things that have amused me, pleased me or caught my eyes this week...

Getting my bike stuck on the door handle for ages. Coffee. Lots of coffee.
Watching London put its posh frock on before the Jubilympics.
(Instagram: Timballoo)

Sasha Prood's beautiful water colours and illustrations are awesome - both in that they're amazing and that they fill me with awe. (via designismine)

This xkcd cartoon is perfect. Telling people amazing things is definitely more fun than laughing at them for not knowing stuff!

Ever wondered (or tried to remember) how we ever managed to meet up with people in the days before mobile phones. Here's the answer...

Happy Saturday everyone. We're off to a wedding so I've got my fingers crossed for nice weather down in Dorset!

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