Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New regimes

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I've had a little bit of a redesign. 

When I started blogging I thought I'd mostly be writing about books and interesting cultural things I'd done. I do mention those things occasionally... but it is quite clear that drawing has overtaken them as what I mostly like to do and what I mostly like to post about. It's always nice when you arrive on a new webpage to be able to see fairly quickly what it's supposed to be about, and hopefully that's a bit easier for anyone who stumbles across my corner of the internet now.

If anyone wants to let me know what they think, or make suggestions for other things I should change, that would be lovely! 

In the spirit of new regimes, I've also jumped on another bandwagon. I've read in a few places recently that apple cider vinegar does marvellous things to your skin and is generally good for your insides so, as it's cheap, I've acquired a bottle and had a tablespoon in a glass of water this afternoon. It, of course, tastes like diluted vinegar but I thought it was actually quite nice... If I remember, I shall report back on whether it seems to do me any good.

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