Friday, 10 August 2012

Week Word: Inspiration

I chose this week's word, inspiration. But I'm not going to talk about sport. (I wonder if anyone will, or if we'll all try to come up with something different!)

Two things that have recently inspired me sprang to mind. The first is this quote from a letter Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother:

'I cannot tell you how happy I am to have taken up drawing again. I've been thinking of it, but I always considered the thing impossible and beyond my reach.'

Isn't that amazing? Van Gogh felt like drawing was beyond his reach but decided to ignore that feeling and get on with it anyway.

And the second is Shakespeare. I saw Timon of Athens at the National on Wednesday, a brilliant production and very appropriately set in modern-day London. Shakespeare's ability to have written words that still seem relevant and insightful so many years later always inspires me... not to write, necessarily, but just with the knowledge that although material things change around us people seem to stay fundamentally the same. I find that strangely reassuring.

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I'm going to tag John to pick next week, to hopefully keep him with us for a while!


  1. How interesting to read that Van Gogh thought drawing beyond his reach. Shows us what we can do if we just do it!

  2. Great to be back and really enjoyed your post. And I agree re people being fundamentally the same can be comforting. What a great writer and philosopher Shakespeare.

    And I'll do next week.