Friday, 17 August 2012

Week Word: Transition

John chose our word this week, so visit his blog to see his take on it and find out who else is participating.

Pondering this word, I was thinking about the difference between change and transition. I came up with the feeling that a transition is more of a process, something that has definite steps involved. A change can come out of the blue, but a transition is more gradual and, perhaps, cumulative.

I then tried to come up with transitions in my life, and realised that I'm probably living through one of the biggest ones at the moment. Being engaged is actually a transition, as you move from being single and responsible only for yourself to working out how to be part of a marriage.

It's certainly something I hadn't really thought about till I found myself in the middle of it... I think I felt that I'd just go from single to married in one easy step and have done with it! But, actually, it's a more gradual thing; working out who you are going to be together, deciding what things are important and which ones you'll compromise over, planning a future where you're responsible for someone else's needs and hopes as much as your own.

(My bike and I had a bit of an altercation with the road yesterday, resulting in a fun ambulance trip and some glue currently holding a little bit of my head together. I'm fine (and so is the bike!) but my picture uploading abilities are a little disrupted, so apologies for this rather wonky photo of my sketch. I'll replace it with a decent scan next week once everything is back to normal! (Now done!))


  1. Firstly Jen I hope you are feeling better, I must say I didn't expect to read about transition in such a physical and painful way as you coming of off your bike. No doubt they are very late but congratulations on your engagement and that is a most pleasant and exciting transition.

    Well summed up to between change and transition.

  2. First off, congratulations on your engagement!! Transition is exactly the word for all those little checks and balances you have to make when working out how to live with someone else's habits and quirks-it makes life so much fun though :) Hope the tip of the bicycle didn't do too much damage and glad to visit you-it's been a long time.

  3. Thank you both, and pleased to say I seem to be recovering nicely from the bike incident!