Friday, 4 November 2011

No-Bonfire Night

Saturday is bonfire night. I like bonfires and fireworks and the excuse to wear wellies and mittens. Despite the fact that I only ever go to London fireworks these days, and it's generally warm enough to have spent the day wandering about without a coat, I still find it impossible to go to a firework display without putting on wellies, about fifteen layers and, if at all possible, mittens on a string through my coat sleeves. Anyone else do that? A mother's influence lasts a long time...

Anyway, the Powers That Be have decided that due to the Economic Situation the good people of London aren't allowed free firework displays anywhere useful (read: near my house) this year. So we're not going to one. 

(I'm sure there's something insightful to say about the wisdom of upsetting the general populace by not allowing them to celebrate people failing to blow up the establishment, but it's Friday afternoon and I can't quite find it...)

Instead people are coming for supper. And I decided I wanted to cook something suitably themed, so have spent today coming up with a 17th century menu in honour of Guy Fawkes. 

Bangers and mash and a pudding with sparklers in just seemed too obvious.

Come back on Monday to discover whether it was a success! I shall tantalise you with the information that people in the 1600s seemed to really like meat. And prunes. 

When not thinking about meat and prunes (that sounds like an innuendo, it wasn't meant to) I've been working on my keys design:

I'm thinking greys and/or browns for the colours. But that could change.

Have a good weekend, bonfires or not.

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