Friday, 11 November 2011

Week Word: Tea

I happen to work just down the road from a place that's very famous for afternoon tea and I think it dominated my tea-related scribbling for this Week Word.

I doubt they serve party rings, Rich Tea biscuits or fondant fancies there, though.

Head over to The Gift Shed to see what other people have done with 'tea' and to see where to go for next week's word.


  1. I suspect you're right, but the idea of party rings at The Ritz is a great mental image!

    Thanks for taking part, and I hope you'll be joining in next week too :)

  2. Great images, I could almost taste a rich tea biscuit, it is years since I had one. I must confess though I was more of a McVitie's Digestive person!

  3. This really gives me the urge to stealth it into the Ritz and slip a few party rings on all their posh tea trays.

  4. Sally, do it! Do it!

    Love the drawing.

  5. I almost feel like it's my duty now to go and have tea at the Ritz to report back on the quality of the biscuits! Almost, but not quite...