Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things to do in December

(if you're not going on holiday....)

Apologies that my posting hasn't been terribly regular just recently. And even more apologies that it's not going to get much better for a few weeks... 

I'm off on holiday tomorrow (hurrah!), have been entangled in trying to find tenants for my flat as I'm moving in January (again, hurrah!), and the actual day job is proving annoying time-consuming. Mostly good things, but it's meant doing all my Christmas planning now, along with putting things in bags and boxes and trying to understand tenancy law!

Safe to say,  none of that is blog-worthy. Or not this blog, anyway.

We're off to Thailand for a fortnight, which I'm very excited about. I've not been to anywhere near that part of the world before. And the sunshine!

However, there are a few things I'm going to be sad to miss:

The Got Craft event at the Tram in Tooting on Sunday, all the way from Canada! It looks amazing and I think is going to be very well supported - people keep telling me they're coming to Tooting and I can't believe I'm away the one weekend it's actually the place to be!

The Crafty Pint Handmade Christmas, again at the Tram, on December the 3rd.

And the second New Vintage in Brixton on the 10th December. (I've only just noticed Nick and I are in one of the pictures of the last one on their blog!)

Anyone who's going to any of these - let me know what they're like so I can be vicariously crafty?

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