Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Old Things

Firstly. I forgot to tag someone for this week's Week Word on Monday. Heartfelt apologies to all the weekworders who have been wondering where it is! Thankfully, the lovely Sally at  Sow and Sew has stepped up in the nick of time, so please go and see her, coo over her beautiful new baby, and join in!

Secondly. I went to visit my mother at the weekend, to try on wedding dresses and mooch around pretty little towns.

Mama and her Gentleman Lover live in Rutland, in a little cottage almost in a wood, surrounded by  yew trees cut into interesting shapes.

(As an aside, if you've ever read The Children of Green Knowe (and if you haven't then you should) you might understand why I'm always wary of venturing among the yew trees after dark...)

It's almost as pretty on the inside as the outside, and I hope to one day have as many interesting old things in my house as they do.

Excepting, maybe, this chap.

He's the remains of a starling who was found in one of the chimneys when they were renovating, and now lives on the windowsill in the spare room. He can be a little alarming if you forget he's there and suddenly find him staring at you...

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