Friday, 9 March 2012

Week Word: Sleep

Sally chose our Week Word this week: sleep. Which is very apt when you know she's just had a new baby!

Nothing very deep and meaningful from me this week, I'm afraid. Quite simply, this is where I sleep.

Pop and see Sally to see who else has been inspired by sleep this week.


  1. I feel like books are a beside-bed essential! Anything good?

    Also, I can comment on your blog! YEAY!

    1. Hurrah! Still a mystery why you couldn't before, but glad it's fixed itself.

      I'm afraid the books are just my line-a-day five year diary, and a book of wedding etiquette from the 70s! I try not to read in bed... I don't tend to get much sleep when I do!

  2. What a lovely drawing! I have complete bed envy as, until we convert the loft and have room to get a proper bed, we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the box room...

    I've been having problems commenting on your blog too in Firefox, but they seem to be intermittent so sometimes it works and sometimes I have to go and find IE and use that instead. Very odd!

    1. I feel your pain - we were on a mattress on the floor for a while too. I'm very appreciative of the bed now we've got it!

      How odd... if I was more tech-savvy I'd try and work it out but I think it might be beyond me. What a bother.