Thursday, 6 September 2012

CPSH August

Huge apologies to Ruth at the Goldhawk Project for being so late with this - I'm not sure how it managed to slip my mind!

With no further delay...

Something I made

I've actually been doing a lot of knitting recently which would be a perfect subject for this photo, but haven't got around to taking a pictures. So it's the greenest of smoothies instead.


Back cover of the current Wrap magazine.


More bits of steam fair.


Taking inspiration from Ruth's picture, we were surprised to find this beastie expired in our barbecue. (Nick would probably like me to tell you that's his smallest finger for scale.)

Motif: Hearts

I think I feature this mug on here far more than it deserves, but it seemed apt again and I liked the position of the crack...

Visit Ruth to see all the other contributors this month.

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  1. Some lovely photos there, I particularly like the scary green smoothies and your mug! :)