Monday, 17 September 2012

Wrap Magazine

A couple of weeks ago I saw Wrap magazine mentioned on Hazel Nicholl's blog and went off on an intrepid search to locate a copy. (Okay... down the road... to Regent Street... to Anthropologie... There were a lot of vicious and wild tourists around though.)

In their own words, Wrap is a magazine that celebrates the very best in illustration, design and creative culture, and each issue comes with five double-sided pull-out sheets of unique wrapping paper. 

Although if, like me, wrapping paper usually means something carefully recycled, flattened and de-selloptaped and which originally cost £2 for three rolls anyway, I don't think you'll be using the beautifully printed sheets in here to wrap up any disappointing bubble bath sets...

So, Wrap is lovely because it's matte, not shiny, has no adverts and just a double page like this...

... of things you might want to buy (and I like most of these particular things.)

It has big full pages of illustrations, like this...

Ella Cohen (and my ubiquitous mug)

 ...and lots of contributions from different, interesting people.

At £10.50 per issue, it's not cheap but it certainly feels better quality than a bog-standard magazine. It'd also look good on your coffee table, and bear repeat flickings-through.


  1. Ha! I saw you mention Wrap magazine (you'd taken a photo of the back cover) and I was intrigued too, so I raided my piggy bank and bought a subscription for this year. The first two issues arrived last week and they really are gorgeous, I'm looking forward to the third :)

    This blogging is bad for the wallet, I keep seeing things I want!

    1. It is, but at least we're buying beautiful things!

  2. That's true! On the bright side I may end up making notebooks using some of the Wrap paper, so hopefully my subscription will end up paying for itself :P