Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Roman Holiday

We've just got back from a long weekend in Rome, where I'm confident in saying we missed almost all of the 'must do' things but had a lovely time wandering around regardless.

I didn't manage much sketching, apart from one morning by the pool. It's hard to draw when your fingers are slippy with sunscreen...


  1. I am terribly jealous-what a wonderful long weekend you must have had! Your pictures and sketches were so nice, I'd be happy to steal your life for just a few hours :)You're welcome to borrow mine out in California while I'm gone, hehee.

  2. LOL I was just thinking I was terribly jealous but Carmen already wrote it. I'll trade, too. I'm on the opposite side of the US from Carmen in Savannah, GA.

    Love your pics and sketches! I've still not made it to Rome and you just stoked my burning desire a little more.

  3. Thank you both - I'd be very happy to swap for a little while as I've not seen much of the US and would love to explore more!

    Rome comes thoroughly recommended by me; the reality was just as good as I imagined it, which doesn't often happen with cities.

  4. BEAUTIFUL photos and GREAT sketches! Loved every one! I haven't traveled anywhere special since last January; your photos definitely invoked my travel bug!

    1. Thank you! It's odd isn't it, that travel bug, always just waiting in the wings to be invoked again!