Friday, 21 September 2012

Illustration Friday: Burst

I've really enjoyed participating in Week Word for the last year or so, but I'm afraid I'm switching my Friday allegiance for a little while and trying something new...

I think Emma pointed me in the direction of Illustration Friday a while back, and I'm finally going to start joining in.

The premise is pretty simple, a topic is posted each Friday and people upload their illustrations to the website during the following week. It's really interesting to see so many different ideas and interpretations, not to mention styles and techniques, all stemming from the same word.

This week's word has been 'burst'. All my initial thoughts were about things bursting and being destroyed, which seemed rather negative. But then the phrase 'burst into song' slunk into mind, and that was a lot more pleasing.

So, inspired by the parakeets that live in the trees around our house and how I imagine they get on with the natives, here's my cheerful little bird bursting into song.