Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Instagram Tree

On Saturday I mentioned the instagram tree I'd made, and I thought it might deserve a post all of its own.

It's not really a how-to, as it's probably the easiest thing in the world and telling anyone how to do it seems a bit patronising! But I'm sure there are other people out there who've jumped on the instagram bandwagon as wholeheartedly as I have, and wish there was something else to do with all those beautifully filtered pictures.

You can get them printed straight from the app, Firebox do it for example. But it's not cheap and perhaps, like me, you don't upload all the pictures you take?

So... transfer your instagram pictures from your phone to your computer (I have an Android phone and just have to plug it in and drag them over). You can then upload them to your preferred online photo printing service. (I used photobox, but I think they're all much of a muchness and I'm sure you can find discounts if you shop around - they should be pennies per image, plus postage.) If you order them as 5x3.75" prints you'll get pictures with plenty of white space around them... just cut around them into squares or allow a border with a thicker edge at the bottom and they look like polaroids!

Tiny tiny pegs are available from Amazon in all sorts of colours (or I'm sure I've seen them in Paperchase or big craft stores before). 

I actually already had the tree - I'd used it for my Easter decorations - but it's just a useful bit of branch I found, cleaned up and stuck in an old flower pot filled with dirt. (You could probably use clay or florists' foam or something instead if you don't want to get grubby.)

Then just peg your pictures to your branches. 

Voila - instagram tree! And easy to update and change with your newest pictures as you take them.

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