Monday, 11 June 2012

Transatlantic Adventure #2: Seattle, City of Coffee

Having arrived in (a rainy) Seattle, I quickly realised that all that coffee I drank on the plane was clearly wise acclimatisation. Seattle's pretty much made of coffee. Starbucks coffee, to be specific.

This was the tea and coffee selection in our hotel room.

And this is the first ever Starbucks. 

Starbucks. Everywhere.

At one point we thought we were being very cunning and had found  a non-Starbucks coffee shop. Turns out it was a Starbuck's 'concept store'. I think the concept was that they also served wine and beer.

We didn't spend the entire trip on a caffeine high. Other things were also consumed.

Pastries (with, um, coffee...)

A mint chocolate brownie sundae that was bigger than my head.

And alcohol, of course. Out of jars because we're super-hip.

Next post: things that aren't food!

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