Monday, 30 July 2012


Sally at Diario chose this month's topics, so visit her to see a round of up everyone who's taken part.

The Colour Blue

The best blue thing around at the moment - the sky! (Added topicality: this was at Box Hill on Saturday for the bike race.)


Not actually an actual ladybird, but the current window display in Louis Vuitton on Bond Street made me think of them.

Art Deco

Our side board which I always think is quite deco-y.


Pile of Mollie Makes magazines and Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters.

Something I Made

A little courgette cake. This was actually not a successful recipe, but I don't think I've made much else this month!


  1. I love those ladybird bubbles! Really, ladybirds just play into my obsession with polka dots ;)

  2. What was wrong with your courgette cake? My mother ambushed me with some courgette fairy cakes a while back and to my surprise they were really rather nice, much lighter than I'd have thought they'd be.

    That's a great shot of Box Hill :)

    Don't suppose you'd fancy being host for September?...

  3. Courgette cakes in general are a success, but I fiddled around this recipe far too much and ruined it!

    Will drop you a message re. hosting.