Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Pen Excitement

I decided to celebrate selling the flat with the purchase of a new pen. Why yes, I am the last of the big spenders.

I like drawing with a dip pen with a lovely wooden handle, but they're not the most practical unless you're sitting at the desk where you always sit and have some tissues to hand. And aren't wearing white. And don't mind having ink all over your fingers for days.

(This could be more because I'm messy than the fault of the pen, but I suspect people invented biros for a reason...)

But I haven't managed to find a fine-liner I get on well with. Much like Goldilocks working through the pens of some bears, they tend to be too scratchy, too hard, or too faint.

I've been keenly keeping an eye out for any mentions of the pens people use on my daily forays through the internet, and finally found one that sounded good. So ordered it.

It's a Rotring Artpen with an extra fine nib. I ordered mine from here and it arrived super-fast. It only comes with cartridges and the ink isn't waterproof, so I've also ordered a converter and have some Noodlers Bulletproof Black on its way. I'm hopeful that it won't gunk it up (Danny Gregory uses it, and I think he's probably trustworthy...)

I've only had time for a few quick sketches with it, but so far it's perfect and exactly what I wanted.

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