Friday, 27 July 2012

Week Word: Summer

Emma chose our very appropriate word this week... the long awaited 'summer'.

Unfortunately, as I sit in an over air-conditioned office and the streets outside are thronged with tourists I haven't really had chance to enjoy it too much just yet. In attempt to find some inspiration I looked back through some sunny holiday pictures, so my contribution this week is a sketch based on what felt like a very summery photo.

And yes, when anyone points a camera at me I tend to make a stupid face and adopt the most unusual pose possible. Getting the arms and legs in vaguely anatomically correct positions for this drawing was quite a challenge!

Hopefully everyone else is getting plenty of sunshine this summer... visit Emma to see the other summer-y posts.


  1. Ah... a book and a cool drink. Perfect summertime fair. Lovely drawing!

    1. Ah, that was actually the cocktail menu! I'm sure there was a book around somewhere though...