Friday, 6 July 2012

Week Word: Character

Katy chose this week's word, character.

It's a bit of a difficult one... you can give someone a 'character' like a reference, and houses can have character. Both good things. But character actors tend to be the more... unusual looking ones and if you hear someone's face described as having character it tends to mean they're fairly advanced in years. Not that being old or unusual looking is a bad thing, but it could be a fairly loaded compliment!

Similarly you often hear children described as being 'a little character', but I'm not sure that isn't just a polite way of saying they're a bit of a brat...

How odd. No one would want to be described as 'characterless' but I've struggled to think of a way you could tell someone they had character without it sounding a bit... insulting.

Nonetheless, a 'good' character must be something we all want to develop. I found this quote on Pinterest this week, and it seems a good way of summing up the good things about character.

And some characters I've drawn recently...

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  1. Isn't it funny how soon babies get their characters? Thanks for joining in this week!