Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bicycling and breakfast.

As the eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted, I've changed my banner and generally had a bit of a tidy up around the site. This is in vague anticipation of linking the blog to Etsy and Folksy shops where I might start trying to sell some prints of my illustrations/sketches/doodles (I'm never sure what they are...)

Obviously, entirely terrifying! It would also appear you can spend a very long time faffing with the admin for these things to put off the actual-listing-things-for-sale-part!

Here's a little montage (who doesn't like a montage!) of some of the things I've been working on recently which are hopefully going to end up in the shop. I'm still figuring out what sort of printing gets the best results but I think I'm getting there...

This clearly shows that I have recently been inspired by breakfast and bicycling. Scarily accurate summary of my life.

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