Friday, 22 April 2011

Folksy Friday: Chocolate

I should probably have done an Easter-themed collection. 

But I'm not very godly. I like to refer to Easter as The Festival of Sex and Chocolate and I also discovered that chocolate gets far more hits on Folksy than sex (draw your own conclusions, boys and girls...). So I've gone for a chocolate theme.

Mixed chocolate chip cookies by Woolly Duck

Surprisingly (for me, maybe not for you seasoned Folksy-ers) there is an awful lot of fake food available for sale over there. What do people do with it? I was quite baffled. Then it began to weave a strange charm over me... I found myself rather wanting a row of knitted cupcakes sitting along my mantlepiece, or a woolly swiss roll to use as a pin cushion.

I guess the appeal must lie in the fact that you can have the aesthetic of the Cupcake Cult without the calories or the stickiness!

My favourite maker of fluffy food soon turned out to be Woolly Duck, whose felted cakes, fruit, sweets and doughnuts really are adorable. To fit with my chocolate theme, though, I've chosen to feature her felt cookies. 

Not quite calorie free though, as they're making me hungry...

Chocolate Teacake Card by Red Road Design

Tunnock's teacakes always remind me of church suppers when I was a child. They're also the sort of thing I always associate with my dad. Thinking about it now, they're like fat Wagon Wheels for grown-ups, aren't they?

Anyway, this card would be perfect for the teacake lover in your life. Or would look sweet framed on a wall.

I saved you my last cupcake print by Fox Bunting

I'm going to imagine this last cupcake is chocolate-y. It would be if it was being saved for me, anyway. I like that it's a bit wonky and looks like it might lose it's cherry at any moment... far more realistic than picture-perfect confections.

Mini collectable cake by Planet Aye

When I was a little girl I desperately wanted a great big dolls' house. And not one to play with, I wanted one of those 'ornamental' ones that people collect and fill with miniature versions of antiques. There was a dolls' house shop in the town where I grew up and I used to beg to be taken there to look at all the tiny tiny things. 

My parents, being sensible folk, never indulged me in this and I'd forgotten all about it until I stumbled upon this article on The Guardian website a while back.

If I ever get my dolls' house, this is what's going to be eternally served up on my tiny kitchen table for tiny afternoon tea.

Lucky dolls.

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