Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bunting, Baby?

Contrary to what the media would have you believe, it is still possible to make your way around our nation's capital without being garrotted by a string of bunting or having your eye poked out by an over-enthusiastically waved flag. Huge swathes of the city are no more flag-bedecked than usual.

Not Westminster though. And, just to leap on the bandwagon with both feet, I went for a wander at lunch time yesterday to see how much flapping, fluttering patriotism I could spot.

The answer was 'quite a lot'. I think they might even have invested in new flags on The Mall; the white bits are certainly much brighter than usual...

There are also some brave souls who have been camping, on the cobble stones, to ensure they get the best possible view of the back of people's heads.

Grinchily, we're actually heading out of London tomorrow so will only catch a bit of the Blessed Event on the television. 

I'm only really interested in the frocks anyway...

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