Friday, 15 April 2011

Folksy Friday: Bicycles

I've decided to jump on the Folksy Friday bandwagon, and what better theme to choose for my first than bicycles?! Obviously, I'm a cycling fan and now we're properly into spring I feel like I can encourage other people onto their bikes without anyone claiming it's too chilly.

I do also like the aesthetic of a nice bicycle; I think it can be a really elegant shape. My own bike's an old (really old, 70s) Peugeot that I converted to single speed and have changed pretty much everything but the frame! I think it's a very beautiful thing, but I'll concede that  I'm biased. 

I'm always tempted by the beautiful retro styles you can get from places like Pashley or the newly launched Beg Bicycles. I love the idea of swanning round the streets on a sunny morning, pausing just to pick up a bunch of dewy tulips and a fresh, crusty loaf...

It's not likely to happen though, apart from the fact they're a bit 'spensive, I just like going really fast too much. 

I'd lose my tulips.

Anyway, enough of my bicycle-obsessing. Here are some lovely bike-themed items I've found on Folksy:

Blue Bicycle Mug by Julia Smith Ceramics

I'm very fussy about mugs; I like them to be just the right shape and to fit nicely into my hands. I love the little drips of glaze on this and the tiny bicycle making its way around the bottom!

Bicycle in a French Barn print, by From the Rooftops

This dramatic photo really caught my eye, especially as the bike's at an unusual angle making you appreciate the shape all the more.

Bicycle ring by Teasemade

This seller makes beautiful, unique embroidered jewellery. I don't think I could wear this as I'd constantly be catching it on things and getting it grubby, but it'd be ideal for all you less-clumsy ladies who'd like to demonstrate your bicycle-love!

Not that I'm planning on getting wed any time soon, but this bicycle themed wedding invitation would be perfect for a non-traditional, cycling couple.

Anyone else done a Folksy Friday today?


  1. Your picks are super and I think your descriptions are engaging (-;

  2. Great collection and fun theme,
    Have a sweet day!