Friday 27 April 2012

Week Word: Travel

After last week's rather rushed affair, Sally at Diario has picked our word again this week and gone for 'travel'.

I'm sure most people will go for something exotic and day dreamy this week, but I'm afraid I haven't. For most commuters (especially Londoners) the ultimate travel dream is getting a seat on the train. Unfortunately, it's about as likely and happens about as often as that trip to the Maldives...

Even with all this rain, I still usually prefer my bike to the train! 

Go and see Sally to see what other travel stories we have this week.


  1. As a fellow Londoner I say amen to that!

  2. Lovely watercolors! Yes, my commuter days in NYC were pretty much the same story. I often would get off the train several stops early to get out of the crush of the crowd!