Wednesday, 25 April 2012

'What I Did' Wednesday

I think Wednesday's are going to become 'what I did last night in art class' days around here...

More portraits! I'm very glad I made some attempts at getting over my fear of drawing faces before I started this course or I think my comfort zone would be a dot to me about now.

Yesterday we did more very quick portraits of each other, each one with a specific style or way of drawing: with your left hand, with your eyes closed (yes, that's the one that looks a bit Picasso), holding your pen like a dagger, in thirty seconds, just using straight lines, or dots, not taking your pen off the paper, holding the very end of your pen, etc.

This was a really interesting exercise, especially as we were using felt-tip pens and working so quickly there was no option for rubbing out or reviewing what you'd done. It made me focus on making sure each mark needed to be there and really reminded me that less is often more.

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