Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Apple Day(s)

This week, I have been mostly cooking with apples. Because my kitchen is full of them.

My friend A (he of the unseasonal cake) has an apple tree in his garden which has brought forth unquantifiable bounty. Unfortunately, this results in unquantifiable wasps which prevent them from going out their back door unless the apples are picked up and disposed of. 

They're cooking apples and really very sharp, so can't just be eaten willy-nilly.

Being a generous sort, I offered to take a load of them off their hands and see what I could do with them.

(Note: Apples are heavy. If you fill your backpack with them and try to cycle home, things can get a bit imbalanced.)

Lots of apples. Precariously balanced and tumbling all over the kitchen at a moment's notice.

So far I have made a massive jar of apple sauce, just by peeling, chopping and throwing them in the slow cooker for a few hours with a little bit of water and lemon juice. I didn't add any sugar or seasoning as I figured I could pop that in when I use it, if needed.

That cleared enough apples to be able to see the kitchen table.

I've also made a spiced apple cake, with a sticky honey glaze. This is a good one as it'll last a few days, if you happen to be feeling a bit full of appley products...

and two Dorset apple cakes. (I'm from Wiltshire, but it's close enough...)

I couldn't find my big baking tray (it later turned up lurking in the bottom of the oven) so made it in two round sandwich tins instead and it worked perfectly. Also made me think about making it into a sandwich cake with some sort of creme patisserie in the middle... 

The Dorset cake is possibly my favourite; sharp apple, light, vanilla-y sponge and a crunchy sugary topping.

I still have about the same number of apples to get through, so any more apple-recipe suggestions would be very welcome!

(Apple Day is actually a thing, and on October 21st. I'm just a wee bit ahead of the game.)


  1. Can't believe I didn't think of this before - you should absolutely make some caramel apple jam!

  2. Fab idea, thanks Allie - for some reason jam hadn't even crossed my mind!