Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday Exploring: Brixton Market

As hoped, no grouting this weekend! There were indeed more apples, but also a little trip to Brixton Market.

Despite it not being very far at all, I'd never managed to venture over there and, following the riots, a bit of local shopping seemed quite timely.

We went on Sunday as there's a little farmers market and getting some bits for a roast dinner seemed like a good idea. We bought purple cauliflower. Pretty much entirely because it was purple.

And there were sunflowers (50p each!) so I felt obliged to take pictures.

(Sunflower News: Mine have petals, and I think might manage to open up this week!)

The street trading bit of the market isn't open on Sunday, and only some of the covered bits were, so we'll definitely make another trip on a week day or a Saturday to see the rest.

So. It's a little bit schizophrenic... Some of it reminded me of Tooting Markets (where you can buy bits of animals you might rather not think about, vegetables you've never seen before, 'designer' goods and sink plungers, and where there's also an unusual smell that simultaneously makes you hungry and a little bit nauseated...) and then other parts had an almost painfully trendy vibe.  

That might just be a pretty good summary of Brixton, actually

I liked the giant lampshades hanging from the roof in the Market Village.

Before cycling home we refuelled with a vegan cupcake from new favourite Ms Cupcake. Nick went for boring old vanilla, which meant I had to have the much more exciting cookies and cream.

Other news: A couple of links I've been looking at this morning, to brighten a Monday.

- A 2008 speech from David Foster Wallace (he of Infinite Jest) about what matters in life. 'You get to consciously decide what has meaning and what doesn't. You get to decide what to worship.' Wise and thought-provoking.

- Great Cake Places. Looks like the website's still under construction, but they have a facebook page. Always on the lookout for good cake!

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