Friday, 19 August 2011

Flowers. Better than t-shirts?

I like making things out of other, old things. Like my quilt. I'm not a hoarder (although I know a few people who are... that's probably why I'm not) so for me to keep something it's got to be Practical or Attractive. Preferably both. It's a Life Policy.

Just recently I've been thinking about what I can do with old clothes. Obviously nice ones go to eBay, or get swished, and some go to charity shops. But it seems silly to spend lots of money buying fabric for crafty endeavours when there's generally a pile of it in my 'charity shop bag'.

Not surprisingly then, after my flowery fascinator, I've been making old t-shirts into flowers.

Here's the current t-shirt in question. I liked the colours and the softness of the fabric, but not so much the fit.

(Please excuse my expression and the grumpy ladies in the background. Clearly some sort of malaise in the air of Holland Park that day...)

And here's what it's become, so far:

I think they're probably going to end up as brooches, but I also have thoughts about headbands and belts. And maybe even figuring out how to attach them to stems so they can be in bunches with other ones.

Have a happy weekend! Mine is definitely not going to involve any grout this time round. I suspect there will be apples, though.

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