Monday, 15 August 2011

Weekend Snapshots

My weekend was mostly spent like this:

...getting increasingly covered in grout whilst trying to tile my bathroom floor. I have learnt that I am quite good at tiling, but really not at all good at snapping tiles to useful sizes. The flat is currently littered with tiny bits of tile as a constant reminder of my failure. 

Depressing. And I've still got grout stuck to my feet.

As endless bathroom-pictures are not very thrilling, instead I'll tell you about Deen City Farm which we walked to last weekend. It's just down the Wandle Trail, between Tooting and Merton, and where we met these rather disgruntled alpacas. They'd just been shorn and so were all knees and elbows, apart from their fluffy hairstyles!

Nick, holding alpaca food instead of fruit for a change.

The same walk also took us through Merton Abbey Mills, an arts and crafts market housed in an old water mill and workshops that were owned by William Morris and Liberty at various points in their history. There's still a working water mill which powers a potters wheel.

The DIY all got a bit much for us on Sunday, so we plotted an escape up to Balham for coffee, cake and a little peer round The Vintage Event  at the Balham Bowls Club. It was all very lovely, but I was feeling a bit too grubby and exhausted to have a proper look through the stalls. However, I felt suitably smug when we walked past a charity shop just after leaving and I spotted this vintage frock in the window, which is now mine for a mere £12.50.

Not sure it will go too well with grout-smeared legs though, so I'm saving it for a more sophisticated weekend...

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