Monday, 1 August 2011

A Summery Saturday: Borough Market and Vintage on the South Bank

I don't like over-planning my weekends. They're for relaxing, and too many plans can make me feel all regimented and stressed.

That doesn't mean I don't sometimes end up doing a lot of things, though. Freestyle weekends can still be pretty busy. This Saturday was a prime example...

First, we got up surprisingly early (for a weekend) and cycled to Borough Market. I've always heard it's best before eleven in the morning and I'm afraid to say it's true. Officially worth getting out of bed for. 

(Plus, the exercise and earliness meant we could celebrate our arrival with bacon and egg rolls, before having a wander around the rest of the stalls.)


Pile o'meringues

Spectacular tentacular squids


A flat peach and a flat nectarine! I didn't know there were flat nectarines too!

Picturesque French things

Shortbread Owls from The Cinnamon Tree Bakery

We then headed over to the Vintage Festival on the South Bank. Tickets for the actual event, in the Royal Festival Hall, were eye-wateringly expensive (to my frugal/stingy mind) but there was a free marketplace full of vintage stalls that was quite enough to keep me amused for a few hours.

Some of the lovely things that caught my eye...

Patchwork Pony

Bunting and cream teas (courtesy of Crowne paint, I think!)

Beautiful hats that I WANTED. From Kate Underdown Millinery and  Lady Go Red

Gorgeous upcycled furniture from Furniture Divas

Bobbins! (I think)

Hat boxes full of delicious vintage-style underwear.

Lots of lovely quilty things from Beyond Fabrics

Pretty frocks from Lowie.

Nick was quite taken with the record players, from Hourglass Vintage Lifestyle in my hometown of Salisbury!

Lots of people dressed up, and with amazing hairstyles

and a helter skelter...

I also had a feeling that my lovely bicycle hasn't been feature enough on this blog. Considering how much time I spend on it, I decided that should be remedied and passed the camera to Nick so he could snap velo and I pretending to look casual.

This has been a rather photo-heavy post... To continue that theme, the very lovely (and wise) Kirst over at the The Leopard Anchor is starting a Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt and I'm going to join in. Pop over and see her for the rules, but the general gist is that she will set five categories each month and all the participants have to take a photo on each subject. My photography is very much of the pointandshootthenfaffaboutwitheditingsoftwaretomakeitlookbetter variety, but it's always nice to have a new challenge!

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