Friday, 5 August 2011

Flowery Fascinator (also featuring Colours from My House)

My little sister is at a wedding today, and was struggling on the hat-front. Obviously, I like hats a lot so I immediately offered to help her out. (I even get excited about hats for other people.)

Her frock was a sort of 60s affair, in black, white and mustard yellow, so I decided a big pop-artish flower (based on my recent flower-making workshop) would work. Add a bit of veiling to wedding it up, fix the whole shebang onto a headband and it would be quite the thing.

I was pretty pleased with the final piece, even though it proved that I'm quite incapable of taking not-rubbish pictures of my own head. All of them seem to be mostly the colour of the thing behind them.

So yes, I have aubergine curtains in my sitting room...

And my hallway is very yellow...

(bonus bike in the background!)

I think I'm better at hats than photography.

(And I'm not actually jaundiced...)

In other news, the lovely SW Craft Club mentioned me as their blog of the week via facebook! Greetings if you've found me following their link.

And in other other news, I'm going to be playing around with the layout and hopefully adding a little more content (an About Me page, for starters) in the next few days. All and any comments welcome!

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