Friday, 12 August 2011

Tea Towels. Better than CDs.

One of the chaps I work with is in a band. I'm pretty sure it's for the love of it rather than the money and fame, as he shows no sign of giving up his day job. This theory was backed up when he told me that, instead of having CDs to sell after their gigs, they wanted to offer tea-towels. They think, probably quite rightly, that no one really listens to the CDs they buy after a night out, but everyone uses tea-towels.

I liked this idea. (I liked it even more when he said they were also considering a line of home-made jam and mugs.)

Why am I telling you this? Well, they wanted someone to design said tea-towels and he asked me to have a go. They had quite a specific brief... line drawings of each member of the band in a grid sort-of format.

'Oh', I said. 'Like that Blur album?' He looked at me blankly. Blur had clearly been an influence, but it appears a subconscious one. So my design is vaguely Blur-inspired, but with a definite country slant.

And gosh, isn't it nerve-wracking to draw people based on a few photographs of them? I was pretty sure my pictures looked like the photos, but I had no way of knowing whether the photos really looked like the people!

Thankfully, they apparently do. There is further work to be done though... We're upping the 'country' with the addition of some cowboy hats and more text. Watch this space for the final design in the near future!

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