Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bailey's Chocolate Not-Quite Cheesecake. And a fox.

Tofu is a strange beast. It's taking me a while to get it figured out, and I can quite understand why some people don't like it. It's wibbly and doesn't taste of much.

However, due to the marvel that is pinterest I recently discovered this recipe for dairy-free chocolate pie that uses tofu in the filling. I duly made it and fed it to Nick without telling him what was in it (but obviously letting him know there was a mysterious ingredient and staring at him like I was an insane person whilst he ate it). Now, bearing in mind he's a man who would sooner chop off one of my legs than give up cream, we can be safely assured that the fact that he liked it is a resounding vote of confidence for its deliciousness.

It was, in fact, so delicious that I failed to take a photo of it before it all got eaten.

The idea of tofu to make a moussey-creamy filling stuck with me. Firm silken tofu really doesn't have much flavour of its own, so happily ends up tasting like whatever you add to it.

Like Bailey's.

Obviously, I have now completely defeated the dairy-free point of this sort of dessert. But never mind. Bailey's Chocolate Not-Quite Cheesecakes (a catchy name, I'm sure you'll agree) are also delicious.

It was also super-easy to make and only needs a couple of ingredients. What's not to like? I'm not going to write up a proper recipe because I think it'll depend entirely on what size pot you're making it in, and the consistency you prefer, but here's vaguely what I did...

(Incidentally, I used the ramekins you get with Gu puddings and then don't want to throw away 'cause it seems like a waste. These quantities will fill two.)

- Three chocolate digestive biscuits smashed into crumbs and put into a pan until the chocolate melts. Divide between ramekins and squish down so it goes nice and firm. Pop into the fridge to chill.

- About 150g firm silken tofu into a food processor and whizzed until it's smooth. Add just enough honey (less than a tbsp) so it's sweet and then start adding your Bailey's. You don't need much, and you don't want it to go too runny, so just add a little bit at a time 'til it's a double-cream sort of consistency.

- Pour into ramekins and put back into the fridge to chill through.

- Sprinkle with a bit more smashed biscuit if that takes your fancy. Consume.

I reckon this comes in at about 250 calories per pot which, compared to the Gu chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes at about 430, seems a pretty good exchange. And you made these yourself. And they cost less. 

(And if you make too much you have a spare one in the fridge to eat the next day 'to give you energy to go dancing'.)

Next I'm going to invent a lemon version. Oh yes.

Other news: I have a fancy dress box. For a while it lived in my mother's garage/outhouse/shed/thing and, whilst there, a fox did a wee on it. 

Very distressing.

For some reason, I decided this weekend was the time to put all the fancy dress through the wash. Despite the fact that my flat's for sale and this endeavour means that the house a) smells of fusty clothes and fox wee and b) is festooned with drying fancy dress outfits. 

And it looks like my washing line is attempting an am-dram production of Wicked...

I'm going to fashion Vince some wings so he can be a flying monkey. He's very excited.

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