Monday, 26 September 2011

Far and few: the land where the jumble lives...

My grandmother is unhealthy obsessed with jumble sales; she always has been. She is incapable of walking past one and, for years, most of our Christmas presents have been 'sourced' from them.

Apparently I'm turning into my grandmother, then, because Sunday saw me excitedly heading down to the Tram in Tooting for the South West Jumble.

Thankfully, rather than weak lemon squash and grandma-chic, being held in a pub meant this jumble sale also offered the chance to make use of the bar, rather more fashion-conscious stall-holders, and a good selection of handmade odds and ends as well. 

I bought a vintage frock. It's a little bit House on the Prairie, but I'm embracing that...

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