Friday, 2 September 2011

Cycling and Scribbling

Just a quick whizz of a post today because I'm off on a 100km cycle ride tomorrow (for the Alzheimers Society, donations welcome...) and should really be writing a list of what I need to remember. I have to leave really early in the morning and am quite capable of forgetting my actual bike if I have to get up when it's dark...

This week I have been thinking about lettering. It started when I packed up one of my prints to send to mother (I don't think you ever grow out of sending things to your mother, probably to stick on the fridge...) and, having a bit of spare time on my hands and the memory that she complained she only gets boring bills, I prettied up the envelope.

I quite liked it, so having been playing with similar ideas in my notebook. I'm thinking they could eventually turn into quite pleasing screen prints. (When I get better at drawing thistles...)

Special prize to anyone who can spot the lyric...

Happy Weekend everyone!

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