Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekword: Witty

This week's word came from Junebug and she chose 'witty'.

I struggled a bit with this, so all I can offer is the thing that keeps popping into my head when I try to think about it:

Clearly I've read too much Harry Potter...

In other vaguely creative news, following lots of scribbling and a bit of pinterest inspiration, I've finally got my thistles sorted.

Next step: kitchen table screen printing experiments!


  1. Great thistles!

    Is there such a thing as too much Harry Potter?

    I'm struggling with witty myself. I'm hoping it is the virus that is taking my witty away. :-)

  2. Perhaps this is the Weekword equivalent of somebody saying, in front of a roomful of people, "Go on then - tell us a joke!"
    Cricket noises, tumbleweed, etc

    I'm with Junebug in thinking there's no such thing as too much Harry Potter.

  3. Love Harry Potter, books more than the movies.

    And truly wit is a teasure!

  4. You're all right, there is no such thing as too much Potter. How silly of me!